Ciara McLooneCello & Piano
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Ciara McLoone
Cello & Piano

Cello/Piano/Keyboard/Leaving Cert Music

Ciara McLoone 

Ciara is an accomplished cellist and pianist, who has toured with the widely renowned Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland on their UK and Irish tours. Ciara has studied with the cellist Aoife Dennedy and strings technique at Toccata with Edelian Pedrosa. Ciara has studied Piano with the acclaimed traditional and classical pianist Catriona Grimes. Ciara has over 10 years of piano experience and 5 years of performance experience.

As a teacher, Ciara aims to help each student unlock their musical potential and love for the art. She holds Grade 6 RIAM piano, undertaking Grade 5 ABRSM cello, and working on Diploma AVCM.