Edelian PedrosaBowed Strings, Piano & Keys and Musicianship
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Edelian Pedrosa
Bowed Strings, Piano & Keys and Musicianship

Bowed Strings, Piano & Keys, Musicianship and Musical Theatre

Born in a very musical family, he started singing with his mother and sisters since he was very small, and then started playing the piano at age of 10. He began with church choir singing and soon became a church pianist and soloist. At 17, he joined the Air Force’s Military Symphonic Band. During this time, he studied Music Interpretation with the renowned international concertist Eudoxia de Barros and performed in several theatres around Brazil, South America and Central America.

Ed completed his Bachelor’s Degree with Honours at the Federal University of São Paulo, and he has received Honours Fellowship, Licentiate and Associate Music Diplomas in Piano, Violin, Music Theory and Musical Theatre Performances with Victoria College of Music, London. He’s also obtained Grade VIII Distinction in Violin with the Royal Irish Academy of Music and is certified in English Teaching (CELTA Cambridge) and qualified in Music Therapy & Health Services.

Ed is a dedicated music educator and a member of Feis Ceoil Dublin and the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA). He excels in teaching Bowed Strings, Piano, Keyboard, Music Theory, and Musical Theatre. He prepares students for exams with RIAM, VCM, TCL, LCM, ABRSM and has experience working in the Education & Applied Arts and performing as part of orchestras, choirs, and as a soloist.

Ed’s passion for music shines through his creative arrangements, compositions, and improvisations. He inspires both as a teacher and a performer, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of music.