Olive Powderly
Piano/Keyboard/Piano Accordion

Specialization: Piano/Keyboard/Piano Accordion


I began my musical career in Crilly School of Music, Fair Street, Drogheda when I was nine years old.

My first instrument was piano accordion, then keyboard, piano and music theory.

I attained to grade 8 London College of Music for keyboard, grade 8 British College of Accordion, Senior Cert with Royal Irish Academy of Music for Dublin for piano, Music theory exams with London College, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin and Victoria College of Music, Uk.    I have also attained  Associate Diploma with Victoria College of Music, Uk, Certified Teachers Diploma Victoria College of Music, Uk and Fellowship Diploma with Victoria College of Music, Uk also.


Over the years,  I participated in many competitions for accordion with classical band and ceile band, winning many championships in Dublin and Uk.

I am teaching now over 35 years, in piano, keyboard and piano accordion to all ages and set up Toccata House Music School in 1990.

I  adjudicate many competitions for keyboard, voice and choirs and am also an Adjudicator with Victoria College of Music, Uk.