John McQuillanDrum, Guitar and Ukulele teacher
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John McQuillan
Drum, Guitar and Ukulele teacher

Specialization: Drum/Guitar /Ukulele Teacher


John has played Drums and Guitar for over 30 years. When he was in Australia, he studied under the prestigious Tony Jex, using Tony’s own methodology and books on drumming.


John also studied syncopation for the modern drummer and working with metronome and practise pads as well. John attained a diploma in music, studying for two years at Ballyfermot Rock College in 1999 in drumming and guitar.


In Ballyfermot Rock College, he was taught by the prestigious Jazz Guitarist,
Hugh Buckley. John has been a session musician for many years in Dublin, Louth, Meath and surrounding areas.


John teaches ukulele as well and has taught now for over 25 years.