Marta BoychukPiano, Keyboard and Voice Teacher
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Marta Boychuk
Piano, Keyboard and Voice Teacher

Specialization: Piano, Keyboard and Voice

Master’s Degree in Piano Teaching with State ‘Ivan Franko’ Pedagogical Institute in Drohobych, Ukraine;

Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Teaching with State ‘Ivan Franko’ Pedagogical Institute in Drohobych, Ukraine;

High Certificate in Piano Teaching with Drohobych Music College of V. Barvinsky;

Associate Diploma in Pianoforte and Piano Accompaniment with Victoria College of Music and Drama, London, UK;

Working on Licentiate Diploma in Piano with Trinity College.

Marta stands as a consummate music educator, marked by an extensive and passionate career, finely honed through decades of experience. Her expertise spans a multifaceted spectrum, encompassing piano pedagogy, choir direction, orchestration of professional and community cultural gatherings, and adept coaching for pianists, vocalists, and choir ensembles engaged in competitions. Accumulating over 22 years of comprehensive teaching experience, Marta has cultivated a distinguished approach that amalgamates best-practice methodologies drawn from the annals of preeminent pianists and her own meticulously developed technical methodologies, refined over years of empirical application.

The fruits of Marta’s pedagogical prowess are unequivocally evident in her students’ successes, as numerous of her proteges have emerged triumphant in both International and National Ukrainian competitions. A remarkable testament to her tutelage, approximately 60 of her students have garnered a plethora of prizes and accolades, with a significant number progressing to attain professional Diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees, firmly establishing themselves as exemplary musicians in their own right.

Marta’s contributions extend beyond teaching, showcasing her versatile proficiency as an accompanist. Recently, her talents adorned the Fellowship program in partnership with the esteemed Victoria College of Music, London, UK, underlining her commitment to fostering the musical journey of others.

Beneath her scholarly endeavors, Marta engages in scholarly pursuits, meticulously transcribing and researching Historic Manuscripts, thereby preserving and perpetuating musical heritage. Her specialized skills encompass not only historical transcription but also modern music editing and transcription services, effectively catering to contemporary composers and choral ensembles. With an impressive track record, Marta has assisted more than 100 musicians, both nationally and internationally, in bringing their artistic visions to life through her meticulous editing and publishing services.

Marta’s professional trajectory encompasses an array of distinguished roles, including her tenure as the Head of the Piano Department at the School of Arts in Stryi, Lviv Region, Ukraine. Her extensive influence also extends to her capacity as a revered Piano teacher at the same institution, further substantiating her impact on burgeoning musicians. Marta’s artistic insight has materialized as a music publisher, delivering expert editing services and collaborating with a diverse clientele and music collectives spanning the realms of Ukraine, Australia, and the United States. Furthermore, she brings her directorial finesse to bear as a Conductor and valued member of the church choir within Stryi, Lviv Region, Ukraine.

In culmination, Marta’s tenure is an illustrious tapestry woven with rich threads of dedication, erudition, and artistic excellence. Her multifaceted contributions to education, musicianship, and the preservation of musical heritage resonate profoundly, leaving an indelible imprint on the global musical landscape.


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