Luke MurphyGuitar & Ukelele
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Luke Murphy
Guitar & Ukelele

Luke Murphy’s passion for music is exemplified by his extraordinary academic achievement—a stellar ‘H1’ grade in Leaving Certificate Music. This remarkable accomplishment underscores his profound understanding of musical theory and practice, making him a prominent figure in the field of music education.

A testament to Luke’s dedication to the craft is his attainment of the prestigious Rock Guitar Grade 7 from the esteemed London College of Music Examinations. This remarkable feat showcases his expertise in the world of guitar and his ability to impart this knowledge effectively to his students. Pending Associate Diploma with VCM.

Under the expert mentorship of Kieran McDonnell, Luke honed his skills in both electric and classical guitar, demonstrating his commitment to offering a well-rounded music education. His dual specialization allows him to provide his students with a comprehensive understanding of guitar techniques, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in various musical genres.

Additionally, Luke pursued advanced training in Classical Guitar under the tutelage of Michael O’Toole. This specialized instruction further deepened his musical knowledge, enabling him to pass on the nuances of classical guitar playing to his eager students.

Luke Murphy’s dedication to music education extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his students’ consistent success in the Interschools Music Festival. In 2019, his students clinched the prestigious First Place, followed by an equally commendable Second Place in 2020. These accolades underscore Luke’s ability to inspire and nurture exceptional musical talent among his students.

With Luke Murphy at the helm, the world of music education continues to evolve, with his students consistently achieving new heights in their musical journeys. His dedication, expertise, and passion for music have made him a respected and revered figure in the realm of music education.