Edelian Geber
Violin, Piano, Brass and Music Theory teacher

Specialization: Violin, Viola, Cello Piano, Brass and Music Theory

Edelian Geber started his musical studies at the age of 10, with the renowned Ms Maria João Poura Costa. At seventeen years old, he joined the military band, serving as a pianist and march-lyricist, developing his musical career.


He studied musical interpretation with the renowned pianist Eudoxia de Barros and performed in several theaters with the Brazilian Air Force Symphonic Band, around many states of Brazil and South America, working in this musical environment for over 10 years.


As an international student, he is currently working on an Associate Diploma with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin and Victoria College of Music and Drama, UK Examinations in violin and piano and attained distinction in Violin grade eight with RIAM, Dublin.


Edelian has great leadership capabilities, has taught for many years, and has a passion for developing students into talented musicians through teaching and encouragement, and brings out their musical expertise. He has experience in delivering outstanding live and recorded performances as part of an orchestra and as a soloist He is a h highly skilled player in violin and piano, arranging musical pieces, with a creative flair for writing music and performing improvisations which is shown through his enthusiasm for teaching and performance.

Edelian Geber Pedrosa