Charlie Kinsella
Guitar/Ukulele teacher

Specialization: Guitar/Ukulele teacher


Charlie Kinsella teaches guitar and ukulele at Toccata House School of Music and has done so since 2019.


He has attained an Associate Diploma in Plectrum Guitar Playing and a Licentiate Diploma in Plectrum Guitar Teaching from Victoria College London.


He has performed live with various musical groups such as The Excentrixx and the “Hit The Right Note” group at the Barbican last September. He also writes his own songs.


He currently plays the Double Bass in the DCU Orchestra. This is after playing the instrument in the Julianstown Youth Orchestra, musically directed by Fergus Sheil. This gave him the opportunity to play at the national Festival of Youth Orchestras as well as national venues sure as The National Convention Centre and The National Concert Hall.


He also composed a movement in “The Magic Bellarama” score, which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with composer Brian Irvine.


He is preparing to sit an associate diploma exam in ukulele.