Anna Lozowska Maroufi
Piano, Flute and Musicianship/Theory teacher

Specialization: Piano, Flute and Musicianship/Theory teacher
Anna has  graduated with Master of Arts, fields of the studies and specify Artistic education in the scope of art of music, speciality music education and music therapy, name of the university issuing the diploma Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. The graduate has the qualification of an artist- musician and teacher in the broad school art education, which entitles graduate to conduct, didactic classes in the scope of school art education,  music profiled and music therapy classes in education institutions, bands in schools and amateur music movement, scientific and didactic activities in higher education and institutions educating teachers, music activity in cultural institutions and media, organization and attendance to music events.


also I studied Art therapy (postgraduate)


The harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation and composition I had with famous professor Andrzej Nikodemowicz (Wikipedia) (that’s why I love teaching the theory of music)


When I was teenager I published volume of poetry “Glimpses” and I was writing articles to Cultural Magazine KAPRYS, when I was student I played in many orchestras, bands: folk dancing groups, in Baroque group (flute, vocal) and klezmers band, also was traveling around Europe with the music (Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine).